Gameloop Official: Tencent Gaming Buddy (Best Android Emulator)

Best Gaming Experience with Gameloop on PC

GameLoop is an Updated Version of tencent gaming buddy indir that lets you play PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Free fire, and other Android games on your PC. PUBG Mobile & Game Loop COD Mobile continues to be one of the most popular games in the world, and it has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times.. it’ Work Perfectly on 32bit and 64bit’s time to play PUBG on PC.

While playing on a mobile device is a great option when you are on the go, you might want to play on your computer at some point. Tencent Game Loop 3.3  is a streamlined emulator that gives you the ability to play PUBG Mobile and many other smartphone games on your computer. This emulator is extremely easy to install, and you will be able to jump into a PUBG match before you know it.

(Tencent Gaming Buddy ) Gameloop Free Fire, PUBG & COD Mobile

Even though there is a dedicated version of PUBG for Windows computers, many people enjoy playing the mobile game. The biggest benefit of the mobile game is the fact that it is totally free, and that is one of the reasons why this title has been downloaded over 350 million times. There are also subtle differences in the game itself including the removal of windows and re-textured buildings.

If you enjoy those features and would like to play PUBG Mobile on your computer, then GameLoop is going to be a must-have app. After GameLoop has finished downloading, you can immediately install some of your favorite mobile games. This innovative app has been designed to maximize a computer’s hardware, and that means it can be played on older desktops and laptops.



Language :English, Turkish, Chinese, Russian
Size:1.2 MB
Last Update Date:May 24, 2020

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Gameloop Beta Android emulator for PCs running Windows 7, 8, and 10. Similar to online game stores such as Steam and Epic Launcher,  Tencent allows you to install and play Android games from its server. It uses its adapted control system and full compatibility features to perform the installation and pre-configuration process of the mobile game to your PC. You can immediately start playing once the game has already been installed. Most of the games that have been emulated on the PC can be controlled with the mouse and WASD keys.



You will select your game from the Game Center. It features 5 genres of games: first-person shooter, a multiplayer online battle arena, role-playing, casual, and strategy. There is also a miscellaneous category. It features Subway Surfers, Portal 2, Roblox, etc. Other than handpicking the games you want, Gamloop runs automatically. It will not require you to install APKs or make any adjustments.

What cements the mobile to PC experience are the graphics. In the settings menu, you can select the rendering system that you prefer. It is a handful of areas you can adjust, namely Rendering, Anti-aliasing, Memory, Processor, Resolution, and DPI.  Rendering allows you to choose 1 of  4 graphics cards. You can also choose Smart Mode so the graphics section will adjust for you. For resolution and DPI, you can go as high as 1024 x 640, 160 dots per inch.

Extensive gaming utility tool

Gametop offers more than its emulator services. It is a multi-faceted gaming platform that offers 4 big categories of mobile games. Here you will find Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Clash of Kings, Arena of Valor, and many more. The settings offer a small yet essential set of graphics settings to allow you to see the game at its sharpest quality.

Even though there is a dedicated version of PUBG for Windows computers, many people enjoy playing the mobile game. The biggest benefit of the mobile game is the fact that it is totally free, and that is one of the reasons why this title has been downloaded over 350 million times on Fortnite twitter. There are also subtle differences in the game itself including the removal of windows and re-textured buildings.

If you enjoy those features and would like to play PUBG Mobile on your computer, then Game Loop is going to be a must-have app. After Emulator has finished downloading, you can immediately install some of your favorite mobile games. This innovative app has been designed to maximize a computer’s hardware, and that means it can be played on older desktops and laptops.


Once you have installed your games, you can customize the control overlay. That customization will make it much easier to overcome the competition when you are in a heated battle. In the most recent update, the team of developers over at Tencent added controller compatibility to this program.

You can now play all of your mobile games with your favorite wired or wireless controller. The flexibility of a controller is going to be a major asset when it comes time to take precise shots. As an added bonus, many of these games can be played across multiple platforms, and you will be able to invite all of your friends to team and squad matches.

Game loop PUBG Latest version

TGB 2020 The latest version comes with bug and lags free. in New Update COD Black Screen and Custom Key Layout are fixed Now. don’t run game look old version You Can download the Net Version game loop official website.

This is an updated version of Tencent’s previous GameBuddy. GameBuddy was their legitimate, official Android emulator, aiming to facilitate playing the games by this developer.

As Tencent tends to create multiplayer games that benefit from precise control, this upgrade further eases the experience.  A new official android emulator is the home for the users of a very powerful Android emulator created by Tencent Games. This emulator provides access to a wide range of downloadable games, covering genres of all kinds.

What’s New in PC Emulator Update

1. increased in-game search

2. Fix the startup problem of The Emulator

3. Optimize the local language of the login interface

4. PUBG Memory Leak Fixed Now.

5. Excellent optimization of Tencent game titles

6. Allows game download

7. Game center varied and growing

8. Lobbies for a social aspect

9. Live streaming available through the emulator

Now, let’s discuss the features of Tencent gaming buddy software. Here is the list of features of this software-

  • The emulator supports android PUBG mobile games and allows them to play on PC.
  • It provides perfectly configured controls for playing PUBG games on PC.
  • This software automatically installs the PUBG game on it for the very first time.
  • The game is available in two different languages which are Chinese and English.
  • It allows customization. Users can customize PUBG mobile’s control overlay.
  • The emulator doesn’t ask for any type of account creation, hence no need to register on it.
  • The emulator works in low configuration computers too.
  • tales of gods and demons anime Added Now
  • clash of kings Tieng Viet

How to install on PC / Laptop

  • Click on download file
  • Then double-click this software file to proceed to install it on the device
  • Next, you will see the Install button and click
  • When the installation is completed, you will see the Start button, then click on it to finish
  • Note: You can’t run Game loop on Mac OS

How to install Call of Duty/PUBG Mobile on  PC

  • After downloading and installing this software, you can now install Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile to play
  • Then click on My games or game Center then select PUBG Mobile, and click the Download button to download game data.
  • When downloading is complete, it installs itself and you just need to select Play / Start playing the game


Download Call Of Duty Mobile For PC

World Best Android emulator news: “Playing CODM on Gaming Laptop allows you to break through the limitation of phones with a bigger screen to achieve a wider field of view, mouse and keyboard to ensure precise aiming and shooting.

“Most importantly with Android emulator on PC Call of Duty’s most immersive and wonderful experience will give you unique key mapping and in-depth adaptation: the smartphone.”

Call of Duty Mobile battle royale mode shares similarities with Call of Duty Mobile Pc: Black Ops 4’s Blackout but is billed as “a unique take on the genre, custom-built for mobile with the distinctive gameplay of Call of Duty.”You Can Do cod mobile Reddit 3 updates Using New Version Download Bluestacks.

Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy

Lately, launched its newest version 3.0 from the public, together with the new version beta testing. Besides providing more exciting and interesting games for all players, that new version solves lots of common issues that players might meet when they’re playing the emulator, particularly for the emulator setting and layout.

We already have done an article on how to install the Tencent PUBG emulator on Windows to play Pubg mobile games and now in this tutorial, we let you know how to change its default Chinese language to English. Yes, the official PUBG emulator Tencent comes in the Chinese language, it is because the game and emulator both are developed by the Chinese gaming company and developer called Tencent.

Even you are not in China, still after downloading the Tencent emulator for PUBG mobile doesn’t change its interface language to English which is one worlds’ most popular language. So, to play the games you need to do change the language in the PUBG emulator, manually. download and start playing PUBG Mobile


Different types of error while Installing Tencent  Emulator

  1. Installation stuck on 98%.
  2. Different error codes during the process.
  3. Tencent Emulator Download failed to start.
  4. Graphics Drivers requires an update.
  5. Audio related issues.
  6. Game lagging.
  7. Ctrl key working failed during gameplay.

Features and Highlights

  • The fastest and most optimized Android gaming emulator for PC.
  • The official emulator app of the popular battle royale F2P game PUBG MOBILE.
  • Wide compatibility with some of the most popular Android games of today.
  • Take full advantage of your powerful CPU, GPU, and RAM hardware to render Android games better than on mobile.
  • Full control customization.
  • Optimized networking for lag-free gaming.
  • Built-in friend list and user discovery support
  • Integrated game browser with a one-click download and install procedure.
  • Requires 1.5GB of free hard drive space with PUBG Mobile installed.
  • Optimized for use on modern Windows OS (7, 8, and 10).
  • 100% FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Gameloop Emulator?

This is a Tencent popular gaming emulator for Playing Fantastic Mobile Games on PC like Pubg Reddit, Call of Duty Mobile Garena  Free Fire, Mobile Legends, Brawl Stars, Cyber Hunter, and Many other Tencent games.

2. Can I play PUBG on PC with 2gb RAM?

No, you Can’t. minimum 4GB Ram Needed

3. How do I update Tencent Game loop Emulator?

Open Game Loop APK Click on Settings Button Then Update. After Update Complete Restart Your Pc.

4. How do I run the PUBG emulator smoothly?

for running PUBG smoothly goto settings>Game Settings> Select Smooth

5. What Are The Best Settings For PUBG Mobile Emulator?

Best settings to get the best performance from emulator are as follows:

Go settings > engine and set your settings like these:

– Rendering: Smart mode.

Anti-Aliasing: Close.

Memory: Maximum.

Processor: Maximum.

Resolution: Default.

DPI: 240.

Go settings > Game:

Gaming Resolution: 720p for decent graphics card & 1080p for high-end graphics card.

Display Quality: Smooth.

6. How To Fix Lag PUBG Android Emulator?

  1. First of all, make sure your gaming drivers are up to date. you can download driver booster to check if all of your drivers are up to date or not.
  2. Second, make sure your pc meets the requirement for running the Gamelop emulator smoothly Then Download Tencent games download for pc.
  3. Still, if the game is lagging, set your emulator settings like these which are mentioned above.

7. How To Update Tencent Gameloop?

It is recommended to install the emulator completely. uninstall any old versions of Tencent gaming buddy and click the Gameloop cod mobile download button at the top of this page. Now install it and download your favorite games.

You can also use the update option in the old version of the emulator but reinstalling can fix many of your problems.

8. What Are The Minimum Requirements?

These are the minimum requirements for running Glp emulator:-

  • Processor: Dual-Core 1.8Ghz OR higher.
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600.
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.5GB
  • Operating System: Windows 7 / 8, 8.1 /10

10. How long does it take to install a PUBG emulator?

The installation process may take 10-15 minutes depending on the performance of your machine and your internet connection speed. One the emulator is installed, launch the game. It will again download some essentials files required to launch the game.

10. Which emulator is best for PUBG?

Tencent’s Emulator is Best For Playing PUBG Mobile on PC

11. Can PUBG mobile play with PC players?

Essentially it supports PC cross-play, but with restrictions: PC players cannot just join a mobile match to win a cheap victory royale. In Tencent territory, there is no PUBG mobile PC cross-play, yet. However, matchmaking changes have been designed to deter PC players using emulators to be matched with mobile players.

12. Can PUBG emulator play with mobile players?

While PUBG mobile seems to be a pretty good mobile port of the game, some players are taking advantage of emulators to allow them to play the game on the PC

13. Can I run PUBG?

Furthermore, an AMD Radeon RX 580 is recommended in order to run PUBG with the highest settings. You will need at least 30 GB of free disk space to install PUBG. The minimum memory requirement for PUBG is 8 GB of RAM installed on your computer.

14. Can you play PUBG on Mac?

It’s possible to play PUBG on Mac with Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming service. Once you sign up, all you need to do is link your Steam library and start playing. This works on any Mac, even the MacBook or an older MacBook Air since all of the heavy liftings for graphics are taking place on the Nvidia Server.

15. Can I install PUBG on my PC?

Yes. You can download and play the PUBG game on pc now. However, there is no official report released by PUBG Developers on playing PUBG on PC free of cost. Still, there is the best emulator in the current market for gaming using which you can play PUBG on PC very smoothly.

16. How To change Gameloop language change?

for changing language open game loop option goto settings>Basic>General

Fix lag in Gameloop

Fix lag in Gameloop

Tencent Pubg Emulator stuck on 98%

The main issue which people face while installing Tencent Pubg emulator on their machine is that almost the full process is completed but it gets stuck on 98%. How frustrating is that, right? But, do not worry I have come up with a solution for the same. Firstly, you can try disabling the default windows security on your computer. Windows comes with an inbuilt antivirus known as Windows Defender which may block some of the resources of Gameloop Filehippo download from running. This may lead to your game getting stuck just before loading.

Also, you can also try and delete the temp folder which is located under the diagnosis option of the TGB. Delete all the files in the temp folder and then run from the download. This will surely fix the problem for you.

Is Tencent’s gaming buddy official?

Tencent Gaming Buddy (also known as Tencent Gaming Assistant) is an Android emulator developed by Tencent. It’s designed to play some of the most popular mobile games around, including PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Auto Chess, and more

The disadvantage of Dp-28:-

Rare gun & reloading time is high.

The disadvantage of M416:-

A little lesser damage + less capacity (depends on your attachments)


  • It’s my tip if you are using M416, make sure you have the attachments.
  • And if you are using Dp-28, make sure you have reloaded it.


All the error codes in Tencent windows 7 emulator

Firstly you can try uninstalling the Tencent PUBG emulator and also delete all the files and then reinstall the program. If this doesn’t work,

open the cmd as an admin and the type –

Netsh Winsock reset.

Now, press the enter button and then restart your machine. Sometimes if your CPU usage goes up to 100%, then also problems like these may occur.

Tencent Emulator Not Starting

For this particular problem, an easy fix is available i.e. Process Hacker. Just install the process and run it as an admin. Then search for a process named aow_***.exe and end that process. Okay after doing that, try running Tencent PUBG emulator and this should pretty much solve your problem. If this does not make your TBG run correctly, read on more to find out different solutions mentioned on this site.

Graphics Driver requires an update

If this type of or similar error shows up you need to download Driver Easy File (search anywhere on the Internet) and install it. This particular software will make your work too easy. Run the software and look for any outdated driver. If you find any, just update the particular driver, and you are done.

Mic Audio & Voice Issues in Tencent Emulator

This is one of those issues that a lot of Pubg Mobile Emulator players face. In this problem, people don’t hear their teammate’s voice or they have a game sound audio lag. The problem occurs in the PUBG Mobile emulator when other teammates communicate properly, but only your voice is inaudible. The best possible solution to this problem is on the sound settings on your device. The fix is to set the Input and Output options to a USB device under the running apps section.

Game Lagging while playing PUBG

This issue purely depends on the type of hardware you are using or on the capability of your gaming setup. Still, I can suggest you some settings that might help you in your gameplay. First of all, try running Compatibility Troubleshooter from the properties tab. Yes, if your windows version is 7 or earlier, you need to install Directx to play Tencent game buddy.


  1. Select Open GL (in the engine tab) if you have a better GPU,
  2. Now Choose GL+ if you have the best graphics processor.
  3. Directx if you have a better CPU, in the same way,
  4. select Directx+ if you have the best CPU.

In the same Engines tab, you will find an option to prioritize dedicated GPU, check that if you have a GPU like AMD or Nvidia. The rest of the settings like Anti-aliasing and less RAM usage should be obvious that you have to set them to the minimum while playing.

Ctrl Key not working while playing on Tencent Emulator

You can do this by following the steps as I say. Select the control tables in in-game settings. Then select customize and then click on reset but do not forget to save afterward. This will reset all the key bindings to the game and your problem will be solved.

Gameloop download failed?

if you facing download failed in Gameloop Then Change your DNS to and  Run as administrator or try game loop offline installer. if you stuck at 98% then click on the Start button then Programs->Accessories and click on Command Prompt. Press Ctrl-Shift-Enter keyboard shortcut to run Command Prompt as Administrator. Type netsh winsock reset catalog then presses Enter. Type netsh int IP reset.