PUBG Gaming Studios has released its much-awaited battle royale title PUBG New State. The game is available for Android, iOS users and will soon get rolled out on all other platforms. Players can explore ultra-realistic graphics along with amazing dynamics. 

The developers have also added a flurry of new features and in-game settings to make the overall gaming experience even more butter-smooth. Sensitivity code can be found in the sensitivity menu, where players can copy other players’ sensitivity settings by pasting a code. You can use this code to improve the best iPhone 12,13 sensitivity settings.

Sensitivity Settings code for PUBG New State players

Camera and scope sensitivity

Here are the best camera and scope sensitivity settings for players to use in PUBG New State:

  • TPP Camera: 120-150%
  • FPP Camera: 120-150%
  • TPP Shoulder Camera: 120-150%
  • FPP Shoulder Camera: 120-150%
  • Iron Sights: ADS-100-140%
  • Fire-100-150%
  • Red Dot and Viper: ADS-120-150%
  • Fire-130-160%
  • 2x Scope: ADS-110-150%
  • Fire-100-160%
  • 3x Scope: ADS-50-80%
  • Fire-50-80%
  • 4x Scope: ADS-50-75%
  • Fire-50-75%
  • 6x Scope: ADS-30-50%
  • Fire-30-50%
  • 8x Scope: ADS-20-40%
  • Fire-20-45%

Gyroscope sensitivity

Here are the best gyroscope sensitivity settings for players to use in PUBG New State:

  • TPP Camera: 180-220%
  • FPP Camera: 180-220%
  • TPP Shoulder Camera: 200-250%
  • FPP Shoulder Camera: 180-230%
  • Iron Sights: 180-220%
  • Red Dot and Viper: 180-220%
  • 2x Scope: 160-200%
  • 3x Scope: 110-140%
  • 4x Scope: 100-130%
  • 6x Scope: 30-60%
  • 8x Scope: 20-50%

Players also get the option to create a sensitivity code and share it with their friends to instantly copy their sensitivity settings in the game. For those using the discussed settings, they can also use a sensitivity code. This will help players save time in applying all the sensitivity codes one by one.

Here is the code for the sensitivity settings discussed above:


How to use sensitivity code in PUBG New State

The game was just released today, and not many players are familiar with its settings. Many also don’t know the procedure to use sensitivity codes in the game. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to employ sensitivity codes in the PUBG New State title:

  • Open the PUBG New State title on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the device’s screen.
  • Look for the Settings menu among different options.
  • Click on it and search for the Sensitivity settings to use the sensitivity code.
  • Now, click on the Load button and paste the given sensitivity code.
  • Tap on the confirm button to quickly apply all the sensitivity settings.
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