Call of Duty: Mobile Tips & Tricks

Call of Duty: Mobile, the mobile version of Call of Duty franchise, has been released to players recently! Tips & Tricks, More importantly, this time around, Android and IOS devices can both support Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM).

However, here’s the catch, CODM is not open towards all users around the world; it’s being released early as a beta. This means the early stages of the game are being tested out, so they want a select few places to test out their game. A few weeks ago, CODM was released to be tested around the countries Australia, Canada, and Peru. These are the only places that users can play CODM. Based on this reason, the old VPN methods don’t work for Call of duty.

The ban of old ports stopped supporting users from playing CODM, so at the same time, users are trying to reset the old VPN methods, but are unable to due to putting in the wrong location. In order to get into the latest version of CODM, remember to use a VPN that could support Canadian, Australian, or Peruvian areas. Through using this VPN, users could get in touch with CODM prior to its official release, which would happen on 1st October 2019.


This experience of playing the test version of CODM now might lead you to better achieve your rank after having its official version. Since you get more time to practice it, you will have more experience in CODM can be compared to new users later in its official version. We also need your help! To make the user experience better, we encourage the testing of the beta of CODM in order to receive feedback for the game.

With this advice, we will also be able to implement better features, and also come up with new ideas as well. Keep up with us as well, for all the players who do not have a working device or those who want to play on PC, players will be able to play it on GameLoop from 1st October.

Here is the breakthrough of playing CODM on our emulator GameLoop. Traditionally, we play CODM on our phones. However, playing it on a phone may not satisfy users’ requirements. When users are handling it on phones, their sight is restrained by the small screens, and the lack of space would affect their control. Playing CODM on PC can lead users to a better feeling.

At the same time, as a world-class emulator, GameLoop has enough confidence to handle CODM perfectly. Special key mapping for users to exclusively control the actions are designed by GameLoop. Since Call of Duty: Mobile is a first-person shooter, manipulating it on PC through using GameLoop could give users a stronger visual effect. Users don’t have to stare at their small phone screens for a long time. All of these could be satisfied by GameLoop right after we release CODM, so now, all you need is to try the beta of CODM and give yourself a background experience before trying the godlike version on GameLoop.

AGAIN, here’s a recap:

1.CODM beta’s new patch restricts the area to Australia, Canada, and Peru

2.In order to play, install a VPN which supports these areas

3.Play CODM and have fun

4. Tell us how you feel about the game and what you’d fix

5. Wait until September and try it out on GameLoop and get more Tips & Tricks!

Note: that these are just for 5v5 multiplayer mode and not the battle royale one.
1) You are a team of five. Don’t everyone start rushing madly towards the enemy base from one direction only? Mix it up. Make it two from each side or three from one and a sniper/ rifleman plus rifleman from the other. Or sometimes, do rush, all five of you, from one side only. But keep changing the tactics. Three from one side and two from the other would be a balanced one.

2) You don’t necessarily need to have a sniper in the team. Let one become one only if he/she has good sniping skills. Else, it won’t be that beneficial.

3) The team that reaches a certain number of kills first wins. So, put a price on your head. Don’t just always keep rushing here and there in pursuit of enemies. Try not to just present yourself as a target. Keep checking the map and the gunshots would reveal the position of the opposition.

4) Don’t always roam around in the open. Try to move through the buildings and take cover whenever possible. Try not showing yourself unless you are firing at someone.

5) Aim at the head. Always. You’ll kill them faster.

6) Keep upgrading the weapons in your loadouts as you level up.

7) Make good use of sentry guns, killer drones, and missiles. They always help you score more kills.

8) Knives can be smart weapons only if you are good at combining moving and jabbing in a flash.
9) Keep away from probable places of discovery like balconies unless you have really good sniping or long shot skill with the rifles.

10) Try lobbing grenades first towards where you think the enemy could be and then rushing in.
11) Don’t just keep waiting in a corner or behind a cover forever. Someone will find you before you do. Keep changing your position.
12) Assists are an important part of Call of Duty: Mobile and the game encourages you to develop co-op coordination in intense firefight moments. Try to train with one of your mates for better synchronization and faster kills.