Call Of Duty Mobile update Crescent Moon festivities

Crescent Moon festivities will be launched on April 21, this update within CODM season 5 kicks off. Crescent Moon festivities including ‘free for all’ limited mode. The arrival of Crescent Moon also means it will be bringing a lot of small objects about celestial body updates, such as Zero’s Sultana skin, metal mist RUS-79U skin, as well as a crescent-themed parachute, wingsuit, backpack, grenade and flash bomb, etc.

In addition to Crescent Moon, this week’s CODM-Modern Warfare brings more 3v3 shootouts action, new Operator along with that, Ronin. Players can go to Cabin Fever moshpit to experience deathmatch and objective game modes. In addition, this time CODM also brings a change into the shootout game mode, which is the new COD mode, it also called Gun Game Team Fight, and this COD will enable you to collaborate with other players. However, the new COD is like a death race. You can master rotating weapons to fight your opponents and strive to be the last survivor.

Finally, players can also see two new weapon bundles in the Modern Warfare store. From 10 am on April 24th until 10 am on April 27th, players can purchase various levels at a discounted price of 100CP.

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