One of the best Android emulators we can use to play games developed by Tencent is Gameloop. This Chinese company has also made their own version of PUBG Mobile, and COD for mobile devices like tablets or phones in other countries including India. where they are headquartered at one time before shutting down operations there due to pressure from anti-piracy groups who take issue with copyright infringement on behalfs of game developers’ rights so it’s important not just gamers know about this! Here I’ll tell you how to download it onto your PC if desired – what features does this tool include? You might want more info than that right away though.

[GAMELOOP UPDATE] – 14/10/2021
Updated Main Version Number:

Update components:

# UI:3.21.3063.80
# Market: 3.11.2144.80

Update Logs:
# – Fixed white screen error for Google login option
# – Fixed black screen error for Free Fire on AOW7.1.
# – Launched new hot game: Pokémon UNITE

Free Fire on AOW

Free Fire on AOW

IMPORTANT: Facebook will change the login method for all games in October. Please update to the latest version to avoid the login error.

Gameloop Android emulator for Tencent games :

Gameloop is an Android game emulator you can use for your Windows PC. The developers’ team has designed this software to cater exclusively for games and only a little attention was given to other emulation functionalities while developing it,

so they primarily focused on creating flexibility and precision in keyboard/mouse controls within their Tencent-developed titles including Call of Duty: Mobile which will be coming soon! You should definitely try out our new app if you want to access it before everyone else does – we haven’t released yet but still working hard thanks again.

Game Update:

1. Lords Mobile

2. Chess Rush

Update now and enjoy gaming with GameLoop!

gameloop 2022

gameloop 2022

The best Android emulator of 2021:

Tencent’s Gameloop is the next generation of gaming on PC. It has been developed by Tencent, who also created Gaming Buddy – one of today’s most popular Android emulators for your computer!

The company spent months adding new features and upgrades to its old programmable version (Gamelop), which finally came out as an improved iOS emulator called ‘Gameloop.’

This software provides cross-platform access with limitations like others in this genre; however, it comes equipped with brand new tools not seen before such as game capture mode or audio/video editing options that allow you greater control than ever before over how games are played within virtual environments without leaving home base: just what every self-respecting gamer needs.

A new app called Gameloop has been released that’s perfect for gamers on PC. With built-in tools and features, this software enables faster network performance to find online friends while also providing access to Nimotv live streams of popular games such as PUBG Mobile or Call Of Duty: Mobile!


The best thing about GameCenter is its centralized hub where you can discover any number of well-known Android titles like Pubg Mobile Clash Royal etc.

Download gameloop Beta  on your PC :

It is a small, portable program that can be installed on your PC in seconds. Follow the instructions to download and install the Gameloop emulator on your computer.

it’s easy! You won’t need any additional software because this emulation software works with games already installed on your hard drive or through online services like Steam; all Tencent needs are excellent graphics cards (or GeForce GT 740M equivalent).

Download Now

Requirements :

The following are the requirements.

  1. You need to have an Intel/AMD, i5 Processor, or higher on your PC.
  2. RAM must be at least 4 GB, while 8 GB is the recommended one.
  3. 1.5 GB hard disk space.
  4. Windows 11 32-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 10 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit.


Facebook will change the login method for all games in October.

Please update to the latest version to avoid the login error.

Other new features:

1. Fixed white screen error for Google login option;

2. Fixed black screen error for Free Fire on AOW7.1;

3. Launched a new hot game: Pokémon UNITE.

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