Tencent Gaming Buddy English Gameloop V0.15.0 Latest

GamesTencent Gaming Buddy English Gameloop V0.15.0 Latest

Tencent Gaming Buddy English Gameloop V0.15.0 Latest

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Tencent Gaming Buddy (2021) Gameloop

Tencent Gaming Buddy (also called Gameloop) is an Android emulator developed by Tencent to help you comfortably play the international PUBG version for Android, as well as PUBG: Army Attack and PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield, the two versions for the smartphone of the incredible Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

The emulator is available in Chinese and English, although the menu system is intuitive enough so that anyone can install the game and execute it without having to know the language. In fact, once it’s installed, the emulator will install the game automatically.  You Can Run Gameloop on Windows 7,8 and 10 both versions 32bit/64bit.

Once PUBG Mobile is installed, you just have to click on it to witness the magic of the Tencent Gaming Buddy. PUBG will start and you can check how all the controls are perfectly configured as if this was a PC game so you can save yourself the trouble of having to map them. The mouse helps you aim, the space bar lets you jump, the ‘F’ key lets you open doors, etc. Everything is already configured and ready so you can just play. 

Tencent Gaming Buddy is an excellent Android emulator specially created by Tencent for their games so the compatibility and performance are incredible. However, in order to avoid unbalances, for PUBG you’ll be playing with servers where the rest of the players also use a PC.


But that’s where Tencent Gambling Buddy comes from. This Android emulator is designed solely for gambling also lets Windows users just play the games on their own devices. Thus, be confident, thanks to the handy invention you will be able to relish the likes of Piano King and also PUBG Mobile from the Windows machine.

Key attributes include:

  • Android Emulator.
  • Available in Chinese & English.
  • Great usability.
  • Enables better gameplay.
  • Specifically made for Tencent Games.
It’s amazingly simple to utilize too; using many simplifies its rapid and easy installation procedure. Moreover, it has various settings and configurations additional personalize your gambling experience.
Why can’t you simply play games on your cellphone? we hear you cry. Well, even as we suspect most of you are finding, it’s incredibly tricky to play some games (like shooters) onto a touchscreen. This is why Tencent Gambling Buddy has been designed. It can allow you to enjoy some of the newest finest games, while also having access to mouse and key controllers.
Worried that this is unjust? Avoid being, Tencent Gambling Buddy will only fit you contrary to other Windows users carrying the identical gambling process. Therefore cheating is off-limits
Overall, Tencent Gambling Buddy is incredibly popular as it allows further access for Tencent Games. Today our mobile phones are like a lifeline, and the battery isn’t too reliable — so relax and revel in some of your favorite games directly from the comfort of your computer.
This software has been updated to your device from the official link and direct support for windows 10/8/8.1 and also for Windows 7/XP and Vista. download at the link listed below and follow the how-to install on the explanation on this page.

How to Install Driver USB:

  • Download USB Software listed on the link below
  • then extract the
  • and follow the instructions according to your OS
  • If windows 7 open file manager
  • Click add
  • and software on the menu.

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